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Overview Store Theme from Templatic themes I have to say has a very unique and original design when it comes to an ecommerce site.  It almost looks like a flyer or a mouse pad with the edges curled up and it’s delicious use of...

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Store Theme from Templatic themes I have to say has a very unique and original design when it comes to an ecommerce site.  It almost looks like a flyer or a mouse pad with the edges curled up and it’s delicious use of gradient colors. This could easily be used by anyone wanting a fresh looking online store for multiple products.

Product Features and Benefits

Store Theme has front and center an automatic product rotating slider. You can click the arrows and I believe the theme allows you to decide if you want it to be automatic or static. With each rotation of the slider you get an image and a description; all of which is clickable.

The site itself is divided into a three column layout with your main company links on the far left, followed by your product category links to the right of that.

Customers can add to their shopping cart which is visible off the main homepage and throughout the site as they browse and select items. When they have got everything they need they can check out easily by clicking a link below the shopping cart bag.

There is nice ad space which can be used to display special offers just above the product category links.

Your customers can register easily and see their name after they login. There is also a nice email subscribe link so you can offer your customers something free in exchange for their email. With this you can build a newsletter and keep in contact providing customers with offers.


As you navigate your way throughout the theme you will notice that as you click on any individual product you are taken to a product page where the image is shown and you can click it to see an enlarged version. This enlargement of the image is very smooth and I have to say it works well for this type of site where a customer might want to see a closer look at the product.

On each product page is a form which your customers can use to select such things as;

  • Size
  • Color
  • Price
  • Quantity

Below this are images of related images, keeping your customers searching deeper and possibly allowing them to purchase multiple items.

There are number of functions that are available to you through this theme that help with changing and using it, along with extending its features, such as;

  • One Click Auto Install
  • Usability
  • Three Different Modes of Shopping Cart
  • Shopping Cart – Products
  • Digital Shop – PDFs, E-books and Scripts
  • Catalog Mode
  • Manage Products
  • Order Management
  • Shipping Options
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Manage Tax
  • Grid View/ List View
  • User Registration
  • Bulk Upload ( CSV )
  • Coupon Codes
  • Product Images
  • Other Parameters – Tax, Weight, Colors, Size
  • Specify product size, color and others
  • Blog

Compatibility and Code

After I tested the theme in Internet explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome and there were no major issues with anything on the site, this includes appearance and functionality. Yet I did see in Internet explorer and Safari a slight text crumple underneath the slider as the theme loaded. It only happened in these two and it’s not a serious issue.

I was quite surprised to not see any information about whether or not it uses plugins even after an extensive search through the code; I was unable to find out if it’s utilizing any plugins.

I checked the theme to see how valid the XHTML and CSS were and it has 2 errors.

Performance Check

Store by Templatic I found loaded a little bit slower in Internet explorer and Safari browsers, yet it’s very minor and would only be noticed by someone who is used to seeing site load times. I went ahead and ran it through Google page speed tool test and it showed a much clearer picture of why; it scored 75/100 with a few references to areas they could improve on.  Had it scored 100 it would have been classed as perfectly optimized. At the moment Google is very big on load speeds of websites so it was nice to see that they scored high.

3 Pros – Things that are great about the theme

  • The homepage slider attracts the eyes
  • Built in shopping cart
  • Works with Paypal,, Google Checkout, World Pay, Bank Transfer and cash on delivery

3 Cons – Things which aren’t too good

  • Only one layout
  • Could use some more brighter colors
  • Would be good to see the add to cart above the fold
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