Narcilicious theme by ColorLabs

Narcilicious is Premium portfolio WordPress theme that is fun and functional. Highly customizable and easy to navigate, it is designed to preserve your memories on the web forever.

Product Features and Benefits

Lots of people keep blogs or online photo albums to mark the important occasions in their lives, in both text and pictures. Facebook photo albums are nice, but they’re often badly organized and difficult to customize. Creating an online album – to share with friends, family, business contacts, prospective clients, or anyone else you can think of – requires a more deft hand.

Narcilicious turns WordPress into the ultimate online album, morphing memories into expressions of love, sorrow, missing, remembrance, fun, triumph – anything, really, you have a picture of. Professional photographers can, with a few clicks of the mouse, turn their work into a stunning showcase that will attract the eye while keeping the focus on the pictures, not the design of the site.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Narcilicious will never stop speaking to you.
Like all ColorLabs themes, Narcilicious comes complete with the ColorLabs guarantee of top-notch technical support on every theme offered.

Theme Features

  • Fancy Visual Effects
  • All New Theme Options Panel
  • Automated Thumbnail Resizing
  • Theme Administration Panel
  • Comprehensive SEO Management System
  • Gallery and Portfolio Page Templates
  • Easy Online Social Sharing and Community Building
  • support and updates


Like all ColorLabs themes, Narcilicious is equipped to perform flawlessly with all modern browsers – including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera – even Internet Explorer. Optimized for search engines, it is just one of many versatile, fast, and simple themes offered by ColorLabs. All efforts are made to keep each theme bug free and wholly compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, with frequent theme additions and upgrades to keep them web standards compliant. It is also Widget ready.

About the Designer

Septi Yulia Sari is a Web Developer Executive in Indonesia who excels at making useful, fun WordPress themes. Her interests include design, photography, traveling, technology, and books.

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