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Amped theme is a great name for what is sure to grab the attention of music enthusiasts. You really get the sense that this is one hell of a theme, while not the most unique looking, that can all be changed through the customization...

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Product Features and Benefits

The main features in this theme would be the featured slider which can allow for video to be displayed, making it very appealing if you want to show off your latest song if you’re a musician or upcoming trailers if you’re a movie buff.

Any of the sidebars can be moved around, or completely removed if you prefer a full width side that looks more like a site than a blog.

It has ample space for category growth and development of pages

While it’s not the most unique looking site, as it still resembles your average blog, it does provide people with a clean, well-organized site that can be changed to match your desired layout.


Massive functionality in this theme, while there isn’t shortcodes to choose from there is a lot of flexibility for how your site can be laid out with different options such as multiple sidebars, left, right sidebars whatever you can imagine this theme can do it, not because of the theme because of the genesis framework that studiopress has built all their themes with.

Compatibility and Code

I tested the theme in Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome and found that there were no conflicts with this theme which isn’t surprising as it was designed by quality theme designers.

When it comes to plugins, studiopress includes with their themes anything that it needs to run on, though they do produce their own plugins.

I checked the theme to see how valid the XHTML and CSS were and it passed

Performance Check

Amped Theme loaded fast in all browsers. Though I like to make sure its living up to the speed hype by deciding to run the theme through Google page speed tool to really get a better idea of good it was and I found  it scored 75/100.  Had it scored 100 it would have been classed as perfectly optimized. At the moment Google is very big on load speeds of websites so it was nice to see that they scored high.

3 Pros – Things that are great about the theme

  • Great site for musicians or those wanting to do music reviews
  • Lots of customized features
  • Solid framework that others in the blogosphere are raving about

3 Cons – Things which aren’t too good

  • Can’t change the colors too easily
  • The default font I find is too small
  • It could provide an easier way to change the logo with an upload option in the admin area.
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