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SimpleReader is Premium newspaper / magazine WordPress theme that is simple and clean. Highly customizable and attractively uncomplicated, it is designed to clearly and cleanly service any website in the news field.

Theme Features

  • AJAX Pagination
  • All New Theme Options Panel
  • Automated Thumbnail Resizing
  • Theme Administration Panel
  • Comprehensive SEO Management System
  • Multiple Page Templates
  • Support of all Major Video Sites
  • Support and Updates


Product Features and Benefits

Today’s news is often delivered with flashing graphics, speed of light news crawl, and lots of manufactured glee. Online news is just as bad; navigating from story to story, or even reading the first piece of news you come across, can be tedious at best, and downright frustrating at worst.

Complexity is not always a selling point. SimpleReader is a theme that understands exactly what people want to do with news online: read it. Simply. End of story. While powerful and packed with features that make the site function like any other WordPress empowered site, SimpleReader has a less complex interface, fewer clicks, no unnecessary clutter, and a lot more whitespace to allow the eyes and brain to relax and focus on what they came here for: the news.

Like all ColorLabs themes, SimpleReader comes complete with the ColorLabs guarantee of top-notch technical support on every theme offered.

Like all ColorLabs themes, SimpleReader is equipped to perform flawlessly with all modern browsers – including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera – even Internet Explorer. Optimized for search engines, it is just one of many versatile, fast, and simple themes offered by ColorLabs. All efforts are made to keep each theme bug free and wholly compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, with frequent theme additions and upgrades to keep them web standards compliant. It is also Widget ready.

About the Designer

Firman Firdaus is an editor and designer who currently works for National Geographic – Indonesia. He is an avid blogger, photographer, designer, and babbler who enjoys creating functional, well designed themes for WordPress.

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