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Newstock from Mojo Themes really stands out. The use of gradient colors through the site, fading in the white into grey as well as the colourful bars on the slider makes it an eye grabber. Overall it’s a regular looking blog, which has been...

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Product Features and Benefits

Newstock is packed with features; this is by far the most packaged theme I have come across. It gives you the choice of 5 different colors such as blue, red, coffee and lime color. It is fully widgetized with a nice fade in image feature for all posts which have images.

One of the noticeable features in this theme is the boxes that popup when you mouse over community, resources and search, it really is a nice touch but I have to question how its effecting the overall performance of the site as it did score very low in the Google page speed tool.


Newstock has lots of functionality to play with. It almost seems a little bit over the top, as if the author has given you everything and the kitchen sink. I would imagine this might be tricky for someone who is new to WordPress and just want a simple theme.

Functionality extends to sliders, tabs, widgets, ads, on and off pre-loading images, sidebar positioning options and much more.

There are ample shortcodes to choose from in this theme, such as;

  • Columns
  • Contact form
  • Fancy buttons
  • Testimonials
  • Lists
  • Boxes
  • Dropcap
  • Pull quotes
  • Image frame
  • Highlighting
  • Divider with top button
  • Tabs
  • Toggle Show/Hide

Compatibility and Code

I tested the theme in Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome and everything is good except in internet explorer if you mouse over the community, RSS and search it meshes together. It’s very choppy and slow in internet explorer

There is no mention on the theme description area as to whether or not it relies on plugins and after much searching I haven’t come across anyone saying it does need any.

I checked the theme to see how valid the XHTML and CSS were and there were 3 errors and 3 warnings.

Performance Check

Surprisingly not fast which makes sense as to why it only scored 37/100 through Google page speed tester which is super low; in fact it’s the lowest I have seen for a theme.  Had it scored 100 it would have been classed as perfectly optimized. At the moment Google is very big on load speeds of websites so it was nice to see that they scored high.

3 Pros – Things that are great about the theme

  • Tons of features for those who love bells and whistles
  • Great areas for advertising
  • Smooth mouse over customized login box

3 Cons – Things which aren’t too good

  • Scored very low in Google speed loader
  • May be too much for a newbie, too many features
  • Issues with the slider in Internet Explorer
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