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Mashlife is a premium Wordpress theme inspired by Mashable and offers almost all features seen in Mashable site. You can now run a website that not only looks professional but also offers lot of flexibility to customize it from the theme control panel.

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The Mashable website has an impeccable design and lure every other blogger or designer to create a site like that. However till date no one has been able to bring something even close to that. But Qlogix Solutions has recently launched a premium WordPress theme called Mashlife. Mashlife is a premium WordPress theme inspired by Mashable and offers almost all features seen in Mashable site. You can now run a website that not only looks professional but also offers lot of flexibility to customize it from the theme control panel.

Prominent Features

So if you are looking for a premium WordPress theme to give a fresh look to your blog, Mashlife is the theme. This theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and has some of the advance features available in WordPress 3.X. You can see below a gist of features available in Mashlife theme:

  • Advance theme control panel
  • Branded login
  • Out of box support for Facebook and Twitter
  • Integrated Open Graph protocol
  • Advance menu control like Mashable
  • Custom post type for Job board
  • Auto thumbnail generation and the list goes on and on..

The page speed score without using any cache or minification plugin is 75.

This theme is available in 3 different licensing options e.g Single license to be installed only on 1 site, Multiple license, if you wish to install it on more than 1 website and Developer license.

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  1. This theme looks Amazing. Love it…will surely buy this.

    • I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s ipmrsiesng me! :)

  2. The above review by Alex is bogus. He works for Qlogix, the company that created Mashlife Theme. The “Featured Category Color” box that Qlogix says is in the “Mashlife Themes Options” is not in the version they sold us. Therefore, one of the most crucial elements of a website/blog (the Navigation Bar listing the Categories) cannot be created with the version they sold us. They refuse to correct the problem or refund us our money.

  3. I also purchased this theme and have been sorely disappointed. As Yvette stated above, the whole Featured Category section is completely messed up. I purchased a week ago, so even over 2 months later, nothing has been done about it.

    The most shocking part of this theme is the fact you cannot put a text box into the widget bar containing a banner image. It skews the entire footer. When I questioned this, I was told that required a customization to the code. Again when I questioned this, I was told that if I was not ‘savy enough’ to do it myself, I needed to hire someone. Come on! Customization is required in order to use the sidebar properly??

    Another warning to buyers is that despite paying for the theme, you are required to leave their huge footer credit in tact, unless you purchase the developer license. No where on their site or sales page does it state this.

    The sales page promises text and video documentation for the theme – of course, there is nothing.

    Oh! And when I received their download files of the theme, it was full of cache files from their own server – they could not even be bothered to send a clean file….

    Again, when this was questioned, I was told “the way you have started blaming us from the beginning indicates that you are trying play foul sport with us, which we do not relish.” Hmmm.. You be the judge.

    I love the look of the theme, and they have an in-demand product. It is just too bad that the customer service doesn’t accompany it…

    • Joanne,
      You are absolutely right about this company. I wish you had seen my warnings before you purchased this. They said the same crap to me and accused me of wanting to steal their software. Why would anyone want to steal software that sucks?!? This company (Qlogix) probably thought they got rid of me, but they haven’t. I’m warning everyone NOT to buy this your hard-earned money. This software doesn’t operate like their demo shows (unless they’ve actually admitted that’s broken and have fixed it by now) and their customer service is a JOKE! After they took my money, they locked me out of their website so that I couldn’t get help to fix their God-awful “software”. Stay away from these morons!

  4. And another thing, my first posting here was in May 2011. Back then, Qlogix’s site said it had extensive documentation and videos about Mashlife. After buying this crappy “software”, I discovered there was NO documentation or videos on the site. After asking them about the discrepancy, they told me they were in the process of making them and would put them on their site in a few days. Fast-forward to August, 2011 and Joanne above stated that she had the same problem. So they are crappy software designers AND liars AND engage in false advertisement.

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