Foxy theme by Elegant Themes

Those looking for a sleek, good to go out of the box business theme can put their money behind Foxy. A simple, striking design is complemented by a fun edge that never overwhelms the functional, competent layout.

Product Features and Benefits

What does the fox say? Probably something about clean eCommerce integration while maintaining a sense of whimsy.

A whole host of theme options — including the easy ability to adjust your layout, manage advertisements, and optimize for search engines — conspire to make Foxy theme the Word Press theme that fits whatever need you may have.

Foxy also intuitively ensures that your website will maintain the beautiful display intended across all  devices. No one viewing your website will be forced to zoom and scroll when browsing on a mobile device. Foxy theme is the ultimate quick thinking, intuitive eCommerce theme for your business.


Foxy theme is compatible with all modern browsers — including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and, believe it or not, even Internet Explorer. Best efforts are made to keep every theme bug free and wholly compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, and web standards compliant.

About the Designer

Elegant Themes offer expertly coded themes in valid XHTML and CSS; focused on support and community, Elegant Themes strives to offer themes of quality and integrity, crafted to enhance the work, personality, or identity of the user. A website – professional or personal – is not merely a tool, but a reflection of who we are; Elegant Themes aspires to respect each theme user by providing attractive, user friendly templates that help them achieve their online goals.

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