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The Estore theme was definitely laid out in such a way to utilize all the space on the site. Everything is nicely centered. You have the very top area menu area which can be used for things related to your business, support, about...

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This eStore theme screams originality. I loved the featured slider that automatically moves between 3 small photo frame images and then displays the larger version on the left. This would be perfect for a hip and trendy clothes line site.

Product Features and Benefits

The Estore theme was definitely laid out in such a way to utilize all the space on the site. Everything is nicely centered.  You have the very top area menu area which can be used for things related to your business, support, about us, shopping cart and sitemap with a search field to the far right.

Below this you have a more prominent darker menu with beautiful white lettering which makes it really stand out. You can clearly tell that the creator did not hold back when they designed this.

Underneath the main menu you have the slider which is very unique. It displays 3 hanging frames with images in and as each one is rotated through the larger version shows to the left of it.

Below this you have another slider displaying individual products with their pricing. Clicking on any of these takes you to a page where you can see a close up of that image alone with other color variations of the product, a price and add to cart button. In this area you have a right sidebar that displays recent products, company information, and links to other areas in the site.

The theme uses a nice related products area beneath the individual product allowing users to search deeper into your online store.


The estore is offered widget ready which means you can insert widgets into your sidebars very easily allowing you to add custom html, adsense, adverts or banners.  If you want to add thumbnails to your posts you will be using a script which is included in the theme called Timthumb which automatically resizes the images. The readme and their videos will show you how to use that.

You can add advertising blocks in the sidebar areas which are to the right of the products.

A really nice feature of this theme is its use of shortcodes which allow you with ease to add elements to your posts and pages just by adding a simple snippet of code like [ tab ]. There are actually up to sixteen different types of shortcodes which can take complex requirements and simplify them within seconds such as adding:

  • Small buttons
  • Big buttons
  • Context boxes
  • Icon buttons
  • Toggled content
  • Tabbed content
  • Slideshows
  • Image slider
  • Tool tips
  • Social media Icons
  • Password protected content
  • Author information
  • Column layouts
  • Custom icon lists
  • Corporate pricing tables
  • Testimonials
  • Drop caps
  • Quotes

Compatibility and Code

I tested the theme in Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome and all of them loaded up without any issues and as I navigated my way around the theme which had several areas that could have had problems I was pleased to see everything functioning the same.

The only plugin I was able to see that it was using was WP-Pagenavi

I checked the theme to see how valid the XHTML and CSS were and it passed with flying colors, there were no errors at all.

Performance Check

The Estore loads fast in all browsers, so I decided to run it through the ringer by utilizing the Google page speed tool to really get a better idea of good it was and I found it scored 76/100 with a few references to areas they could improve on.  Had it scored 100 it would have been classed as perfectly optimized. At the moment Google is very big on load speeds of websites so it was nice to see that they scored high.

3 Pros – Things that are great about the theme

  • Ecommerce integration
  • Highly customizable, allowing you to setup ads change the page templates; insert pre-made design elements through the use of shortcodes.
  • You can translate the theme into another language easily using their included MO and PO files

3 Cons – Things which aren’t too good

  • No integrated shopping cart
  • No optional panel to make upload of images easier beyond wordpress default one.
  • It could provide an easier way to change the logo with an upload option in the admin area.
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