Organico Ecommerce Theme

Prominent Features

The Splashing Pixels Control Panel is very well designed and offers a lots of e-commerce features like, a Featured Products Homepage, a Footer Slider, Members Account Creation/Login and a Product Ratings System. It also offers several styling options like different skins, custom font type and color and customizable footer widgets.

Theme Features

  • Featured Products Homepage
  • Footer Slider
  • Members Account Creation/Login
  • Product Ratings System
  • Custom Font Types
  • Multiple Skins
  • Integrated Shopping Cart


All the Organico functionalities are divided between the the theme’s control panel and the WPEC plugin store settings. The theme control panel gives you access to all the custom settings and features designed for the theme and from the WPEC plugin store settings you can access to all the functionalities of WPEC. And really, with these two control panels combined your options for your e-commerce store seem almost limitless.

Code and Compatibility

I’ve tested the theme across all browsers, on Mac and PC, and I haven’t noticed any compatibility issues, the theme seems to be functioning with all browsers with no problem.


Organico is a super fast loading e-commerce theme and I checked it using Google page speed tool, and it scored 91/100!

3 Pros

  • Cool and friendly Control Panel and Member Dashboard
  • PSD of theme and sprites are included in the package.
  • Detailed Theme Instructions and active Support Forum

3 Cons

  • They only offer one type of package, so could seem expensive for non developers that don’t need PSDs.
  • Lack of Import / Export functionalities
  • I would have liked to see it in more skins (which they say they’ll release more over time).

About the author

Splashing Pixels is an Italian theme design agency with a niche focus creating beautiful and functional ecommerce WordPress themes and solutions.

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