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Massimo is a slick ecommerce WordPress theme powered by Instinct WordPress E-commerce plugin, with e-commerce features that I honestly didn’t think could be possible on a WordPress based shop. And even though Splashing Pixels demos this theme as a clothing storefront, I think it can be used to sell anything that has a little bit of sex appeal.

Prominent Features

The Massimo theme layout was definitely well thought out to and the user experience is easy, clean and all roads lead to the point of sale (which is VERY useful in an e-commerce shop and not all themes are designed that way, so I definitely don’t take that for granted). You can tell that they put a lot of time and care into every detail.

The top of the menubar offers a custom made Members account creation/ login and many social media icons can be added form the control panel. Right under that, there is a menubar with nicely styled drop-downs and two cute looking buttons for the Drop-Down cart and a Searches. And under the main menu there is slick image slider that features big wide images with related text that slides and fades very nicely.

Another feature that still blows my mind is their quick-view feature. The Quick-view feature helps users quickly see the product information with a multiview display of the products, complete description, product variations and a (most importantly) add to cart.

And Massimo’s e-commerce functionalities carry on all the way down the the footer. The Footer has an area for featured categories and subcategories and a very helpful customer feedback slider.

Theme Features

  • Custom color Buttons
  • Grid System
  • Check Login
  • Display Google Maps
  • Image Lightbox


Massimo comes widget ready with lots of e-commerce very useful widgets, it also comes with lots of useful shortcodes that will make it very easy to add cool features like:

  • Custom color Buttons
  • Facebook & Twitter
  • Grid System
  • Check Login
  • Display Google Maps
  • Video Lightbox
  • Image Lightbox
  • Horizontal Rules
  • Lists
  • Block Quote
  • Show Code
  • Home / Theme Path
  • Email
  • Back To Top

And because it’s powered by WordPress E-commerce plugin, I always get updates that add new features as well as bug repairs.

Code and Compatibility

I tested the theme in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome on Mac and PC and I haven’t seen any issues navigating through the site.


Massimo is a super fast loading theme, especially for being a complex e-commerce site, and when I checked it through Yslow speed tool I was pleased to see that scored 90!

3 Pros

  • Very cool Control Panel
  • PSD of theme and sprites are included in the package.
  • GREAT Support Forum and instructions

3 Cons

  • It’s a little expensive but I have to say that for what they include in the package and their customer support it was well worth it
  • I wish it had more skins to choose from
  • I would like to see more color options

About the author

Splashing Pixels is an Italian theme design agency with a niche focus creating beautiful and functional ecommerce WordPress themes and solutions.

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