Equilibria theme by ColorLabs

Equilibria is Premium multi-purpose WordPress theme that is highly adaptive and effortlessly intuitive. Highly customizable, it is a “Jack-of-all-Trades” that manages to master nearly all of them.

Theme Features

  • Three Kinds of Landing Pages
  • All New Theme Options Panel
  • Automated Thumbnail Resizing
  • Theme Administration Panel
  • Tabbed Carousel
  • A Pack of Page Templates
  • Customized Sidebar Widgets
  • support and updates

Product Features and Benefits

Adaptive themes are rare. Usually they are suited to fit a niche need and if your needs change along the road, there’s a different WordPress theme you can purchase to meet them. With Equilibria, your needs and its ability to meet them never alter. Even if you decide you want to take your little personal blogging site corporate, Equilibria can handle the task of re-making your online identity, until you are rebuilt stronger, faster, better.

With 5 different color schemes, various landing page templates, and a powerful theme options panel, Equilibria is locked and loaded to execute any site the instant you know what you want it to look like. And your choice is never set in stone.

Like all ColorLabs themes, Equilibria comes complete with the ColorLabs guarantee of top-notch technical support on every theme offered.


Like all ColorLabs themes, Equilibria is equipped to perform flawlessly with all modern browsers – including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera – even Internet Explorer. Optimized for search engines, it is just one of many versatile, fast, and simple themes offered by ColorLabs. All efforts are made to keep each theme bug free and wholly compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, with frequent theme additions and upgrades to keep them web standards compliant. It is also Widget ready.

About the Designer

Michael Jubel Herbert Tunggul Hasintongan Hutalung has a longer and more interesting name than you do. Michael was born and raised in Indonesia and received a degree in chemical engineering there. His passion for WordPress led him to create ColorLabs Project, where he sells premium-packaged WordPress themes just like this one.

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