Display 3 in 1 theme – by Kriesi

Display 3 in 1 is a business and portfolio WordPress theme that is actually like three different themes in one. A combination of revolutionary 3D Image Slideshow technology makes Display the ultimate choice for your business needs.

Product Features and Benefits

Designed with versatility in mind, Display features three gorgeous skins to choose from, each as competent as the last. The differences only exist to give the user choices so the theme can be tailored to best suit the business or portfolio it is created for. The stunning 3D Image Slideshow can be controlled from the backend with a custom tool. Choosing between skins – light, dark, or minimal – will be easier than deciding which stunning images to portray in vivid, eye catching 3D.

Whether you’re an experienced WordPress user or a novice, Display is easy to set up, easy to use, and allows for simple customization whether you’re a coding genius or someone who has trouble checking their email.

Perfect for a startup business, Display will get things running, and running smoothly. And the diversity of three differently shaded skins will give the user the opportunity to test different appearances until perfect harmony is reached with a marriage of idea, image, and style.


Display 3 in 1 is compatible with IE6, IE7, and IE8, FireFox 2 and FireFox 3, Safari, Opera, and WordPress 3.0. It is also Widget ready.

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