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FaultPress is a pure application WordPress theme that totally transforms your install, empowering your site to refine product, engage the community, and create ticket submissions. It is a one-stop system that allows your internal team to delegate bug fixes and utilize a built-in message system for internal discussion.

Product Features and Benefits

At its core, FaultPress is a ticket system. Individual tickets – complaints, problems, or issues that may be stumbled upon at any point in the life of a site, business, or product – can be assigned to any designated person to take action, and given a status and priority to help identify action points. They can also be tagged to aid navigation and have attachments to help illustrate any problems described.

Depending on how you wish to use the FaultPress theme, tickets can be added by guests, or registered members only. Some bugs are no-gos, while others are more incidental. The milestones feature helps you determine which is which.

The internal messaging system allows the internal team, or the entire community, communicate more efficiently and dynamically. Acting much like a blog, the messaging system is a great way to post ideas for feedback, share thoughts about all manner of site issues, and even post general announcements. Unlike a blog, the site admin can specify which messages are meant for internal eyes only, and which will be made public.

FaultPress is the last application theme for ticketing you’ll ever need to get your site running smoothly.

Theme Features

  • Advanced Ticket System
  • Milestones
  • Messages
  • Compressive Overview Page
  • Mobile Support
  • Seamless Integration
  • Multi-site support
  • Custom Email Notifications
  • Cutting Edge HTML5 and CSS3
  • Backend Theme Options
  • Auto-sizing Thumbnails
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Localized for Translations


Like all Woo Themes themes, FaultPress is compatible with all modern browsers – including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and crazily enough, even Internet Explorer. All efforts are made to keep each theme bug free and wholly compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, and web standards compliant. It is also Widget ready.

About the Designer

Woo Themes offer solid, uniform code framework, which makes it easier to set up your theme; dedicated support that includes the most detailed documentation, professional video tutorials, the unique and thorough WooCodex, and one of the best support forums anywhere. Woo has some of the most stunning themes out there, lauded by top web designers for their creativity and style. And because professional WordPress users know how important keeping things fresh are, Woo themes always puts out 2 new themes every month, guaranteed.

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