The Best Wordpress Ecommerce Themes

Looking for a WordPress ecommerce theme for your web shop? Look no further. We've been in the game for quite a while and know who makes the best e-commerce WordPress themes. There are many designer out there but, as you may suspect, not all of them are good, or even ok. In the toplist to your left we've listed our recommended ecommerce WordPress themes.

A WordPress ecommerce theme is all about functionality and integrated useful features. We recognize that and base our theme selection on how much more you for your dollar besides a nice design. The best ecommerce wp theme should come with intgrated payment gateways, order management and flexible product pages.

Of course, we also make our own WordPress themes, though not yet for ecommerce purposes. But keep an eye out for coming releases by following us on twitter.

Recommended Ecommerce WordPress Plugins

It is hard to find a WordPress theme to completely comply with all your needs. If you're new to WordPress you may be blinded by the design and look of a theme. Brace yourself to the idea that you'll need to get some plugin complements to your theme. Here are some ecommerce WordPress plugins we've rendered useful:

  • PayPal File Download - This WordPress plugin, available on CodeCanyon, is a super simple and handy payment plugin for selling digital products. Upload your products to the wp admin, configure a few settings and add the Buy button directly to each post. When you customer buys your product he or she will then receive an automated email with the download link.
  • GetShopped - A free WordPress ecommerce and shopping cart plugin. This is powerful alternative if you're looking for a complete ecommerce solution for your WordPress site. It is also perfect for digital downloadable products.
  • Shopify - If you get tired of trying to integrate an ecommerce solution with WordPress, you may want to check out this content management system that has been built entirely to support web shops. It's clean and simple layout reminds of WordPress.

Need a Custom WordPress Ecommerce Theme?

Having a hard time finding a theme to match your ecommerce needs? No worries, we're more than happy to help you out. With sufficient experience and resources we can create a custom theme for your business within weeks. Contact us and we'll create an ecommerce theme that is customized to your needs.

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