Tweety template

Tweety is a fun, fresh WordPress theme that realizes the power of uniting social media with a direct Twitter connection built in, while still delivering a youthful, whimsical appearance to any site.

Product Features and Benefits

Slim and trim for summer, Tweety has a style and sophistication you can trust. More than 10 beautifully designed background images, a smoothly animated tabbed menu, and 16 module variations keep it fun, versatile, and useful. And if you like fun, you’ll love the whimsical origami-style module Tweety features, giving the appearance that it’s actually wrapped around your site.

Optimized for Twitter fans, the YOUtweet module is the most unique way to show viewers of your site exactly what you’re up to. It allows connection between web viewers and Twitter followers, thus increasing the visibility and cross-pollination of your content.

Tweety’s YOUsearch module also includes blank styling, allowing you to display search results in a plain, non-flashy way that integrates in websites with no rounded corners.

June Gloom is a thing of the past; enjoy a splash of sun and fun with the Tweety WordPress theme.

  • 12 awesome background and 16 module variations
  • Tableless overrides for all Joomla components
  • Smart CSS to customize Joomla components
  • Enhanced module system with flexible proportions
  • Fully sliced Fireworks .png Source files
  • Works with all YOOtools
  • Tweety Full Package (8.80 MB)


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