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Templatemonster.com is the granddaddy of template services and they currently announced have over 20,000 templates available with close to 500 being added each month.



Templatemonster.com is the granddaddy of template services. For as long as I remember they have been offering templates online as far back as the very first WYSIWYG editors came out like macromedia, coffeecup and frontpage. They are owned by Artvertex Inc which runs out of Brooklyn, New York and boasts of having over a hundred employees on staff with revenue of close to 10 million. Gary Nicholas is the head of Template Monster.

They have close to forty freelance designers and programmers on staff full time who produce the majority of the templates that are available for purchase.

They currently announced that they have over 20,000 templates available with close to 500 being added each month.

How does Template Monster Work?

Unlike the various theme based membership sites that exist online, template monster has always provided a way for customers to just place a regular order through their system. You can choose between a regular purchase or a unique price where they will remove that design from their website and you will be the only one with that design. If you select the unique price instead of maybe only paying around $68 the price will usually be in the thousand range.

The irony of purchasing a unique priced template is that you’re meant to be the only person with that design. Yet if the design has been up online for a week or so, people may have already purchased a regular priced version of it and they would have the same design as you. Essentially there really is no reason to purchase a unique price it’s a simple money grab that they have in place to people who don’t think it through. If you like a theme just purchase it at the regular price and then customize it because I can guarantee you, unless you were the first person to buy it; the unique price would have no benefit to you.

Also the price for a unique design in my opinion is highly overpriced as you can purchase custom designs based on what you want your site to look like through any outsource service for a 1/3 of the price you would pay for a unique through template monster.

Now when you purchase a theme through template monster you don’t immediately get access to the template. Due to numerous fraudulent incidents that template monster was subject to for years they decided to implement a telephone verification system called “ Telesign.” The way this works is after you have made your purchase you will get a phone call or a text message which you have to verify. You then usually get your template within about 15 mins after your purchase.

What Themes Does Template Monster Have?

They cater pretty much to every type of style and cms system. They break down their website into six main parent categories with each one having their set of sub templates which cater to a very specific area within that product. So here is the list:

Web Templates

  • Website templates
  • Flash Templates
  • Flash CMS Templates
  • Flash Intro Templates
  • Flash Photo Gallery Templates
  • SWISH Templates

E-Commerce Templates

  • osCommernce Templates
  • Magneto Templates
  • Zen cart Templates
  • PrestaShop Themes
  • VirtueMart Templates
  • CRE Loaded Templates

CMS and Blog Templates

  • Joomla Templates
  • Drupal Templates
  • WordPress Templates
  • Turnkey Websites
  • Tumblr Themes

Corporate Design

  • Powerpoint Templates
  • Logo Templates
  • Corporate Identity
  • Logo Sets
  • Icon Sets

Facebook Layouts

  • Facebook Flash Templates
  • Facebook Flash CMS Templates

Video Templates

  • After Effects Intros
  • After Effects Logo Reveal
  • Video Ecards

Search Criteria Functions

Now for every single one of those parent and sub products that are available you can then refine your selection down even further by selecting from the following options

Categories – These really are topics for markets and you will see that there are a lot to choose from such as; Premium Templates, cafe and restaurant, flash intro header, media, St. Patrick’s day, dynamic swish, cars, flowers, medical, st valentine, last added, charity, food and drink, military, stretched, full site, Christmas, forums, mobile, swish animated, flash site, clean style, games, music, swishmax 2, dynamic flash, communications, gifts, night club, swishmax 3, full package, computers, Halloween, online casino, tools and equipment, low budget, CRE loaded templates, hosting, online store/shop, transportation, osCommerce Templates, CSS, hotels, paper vision 3D, Travel, 3 colors, dating, html 5, personal pages, virtue mart, 3d Style, Drupal, icon sets, php nuke, web 2.0, adult, dynamic flash photo, industrial, phpBB2, web design, agriculture, education, interior and furniture, phpBB3, wedding, alternative power, electronics, internet, politics, wide templates, animals and pets, entertainment, jewellery, portal, wordpress themes, architecture, extended package, joomla, real estate, xml flash, art and photography, exterior design, jQuery, Religious, zen cart, artworks, family, law, science, black, beauty, fashion, logsets, security, swishmax4, books, fireworks, magnento, society, white, brewery, flash 8, maintenance, software, business, flash, animated, mambo and sport.

Styles – Maybe you are searching for a very precise type of design. Well here you can choose from 3d, dark, paper made, neutral, artworks, futurist, retro, web 2.0, cartoon, geometric, corporate, clean, grunge, urban/street, collage, minimalist and vector.

Author – After a while of using their service you will become accustomed to who creates the good templates and you might wish to find the latest design from a specific author. Just select from the names in the drop down.

Template Number – If you already know the template number you can input it and it will serve only the ones back to you that are tagged with that number.

Keyword – Just input a specific word like “Cat “and it will find all the cat templates

Price Range – You input the starting price to the highest you wish to pay.

Colors – They provide you with 12 different colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, pink, purple, brown, grey, white and black.

By using any combination of the above filters you can begin to see how powerful there search facility is and how fast you will be able to weed out what isn’t what you’re after with what you do want.

Quality of Themes

I have to admit their themes have always had a good visual appeal to them, yet looking good and actually functioning well are two very different things. A thing to consider before purchasing from them is with a company that is producing on such a large scale. How much detail will be given to making sure that all the themes function completely? Having worked in different code for themes, I know that even the best coder will miss areas when testing and push out a template that has errors when its features are trying to be accessed by a customer.

If you’re looking for a good variety of themes, and a high quality appearance I would say they definitely provide that. Yet I wouldn’t be comfortable getting behind them 100% on functionality as I have heard of people in the past buying themes from them only to discover their issues.

If you are looking for a very specific theme such as wordpress or magneto and you want to have a bit more confidence in your purchase you might want to seek out a provider who specializes only in that specific type of template.


  • Tons of themes for every CMS
  • Good individual prices
  • Excellent search filter


  • Mass production leads to bland and errors
  • Support is not that helpful
  • Not the greatest wordpress themes

Theme Support

When it comes to the type of support that they provide, the offer a variety of options such as

1.     Live Chat

2.     Help Center

3.     Ticket System

4.     Twitter: http://twitter.com/truemonster

Address for template monster

9208 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11209-6812, United States

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