Studiopress Theme Designer Review was originally founded back in 2009 by Brian Gardner after he experienced a great deal of success with selling his own themes. Most people who have used wordpress themes will remember his theme Revolution which was by far the most popular theme he created at that time.

History was originally founded back in 2009 by Brian Gardner after he experienced a great deal of success with selling his own themes. Most people who have used wordpress themes will remember his theme Revolution which was by far the most popular theme he created at that time. In many ways it’s said that Brian was the first one to actually start selling wordpress themes as a business online. He showed a whole new generation of theme creators that you could actually charge and make money by building wordpress themes which up to that point were mainly offered for free online. The revolution theme really kicked wordpress themes into high gear as it was created as a magazine theme in a time when the majority of free themes were just regular blog styles.

Studiopress recently merged with CopyBlogger Media in September of 2010. Brian and his team will still play a major role in the development of themes but CopyBlogger Media is owned by Brian Clark.

How does Studiopress Work?

Studiopress focused on providing premium based themes which can be purchased individually. They are not a membership based club like many of the other sites that are found online and so a great deal of care is taken to provide the highest quality themes.

Their themes are based off their own unique code called “ Genesis Framework.” It has 6 layouts, fixed width and threaded comments along with it being search engine optimized with high end security

The benefit of using their framework is the structure is kept separate from the design, meaning you could update the child theme weekly and it wouldn’t affect your rankings.

If your using their framework along with their themes, then you get unlimited updates, unlimited support and you can place their themes on as many domains as you like.

They have basically integrated wordpress and the genesis them together. So if you need to update wordpress you do it through them.

The genesis theme has many more benefits such as;

  • Widget Ready
  • Theme Options
  • Comment Functionality
  • Ready for advertising
  • Developed by Localization
  • Auto Sized Featured Images
  • WordPress themes and tutorials

You have several choices when it comes to purchasing

  • Already own Genesis then it costs only $24.95 for the framework
  • Genesis – $59.95
  • Individual Licence – $79.95 ( includes Genesis framework )
  • Pro Plus Package – $249.95 ( get every single theme they have )

What Themes Does StudioPress Have?

They currently at the time of writing this have 36 themes which are similar yet will cater to a vast audience

  • Genesis Framework ( Newest and most talked about theme )
  • Bee Crafty – Aimed at those DIY, Craft based sites
  • Delicious – Dynamic portal
  • Expose – Perfect for photographers wanting to display their work
  • Going Green – Eco friendly and focused on saving the earth
  • Magazine – A sleek magazine site to display content
  • News – Building a Google news site? This will organize it nicely
  • Pretty Young –  Ideal for a ladies site or girly theme
  • Social Eyes – Social based site theme
  • Agency – Professional corporate looking site
  • Church – Christian based church site
  • Education – University, College or School wordpress theme
  • Family Tree – Scrapbooking, Photography and mommy blogging site
  • Landscape – Photography portfolio
  • Manhattan – Porfolio for video or photography
  • Outreach – Another church based theme
  • Prose -  Very simple theme
  • Streamline – Similar to revolution
  • AgentPress – Real estate design
  • Corporate – Business based theme
  • Enterprise – High end corporation
  • Focus – Interior design site
  • Lexicon – Journalistic pro blog for celebrity blogging
  • Metric – Business and Corporations
  • Pixel Happy – Bright, modern photography site
  • Serenity – Magazine in style but would appeal to anyone wanting calm theme
  • Tapestry – A mix up of videos, picture, stories and opinions a great way to display it all
  • Amped – Powerful band based theme
  • Crystal – Portfolio based
  • Executive -  High profile corporate site
  • Freelance – Freelancing this will present you professionally
  • Lifestyle – Magazine based
  • Mocha – style and fashion site
  • Platinum – Story or music based site
  • Sleek – Would be perfect for a gadget or car based site
  • Venture – Finance or forex site

Quality of Themes

You are definitely getting clean coded, sharp looking themes and great support from a well-known company who have a large team of respected designers and programmers behind them. I personally feel that they gear their sites towards business more than anything else and they stick within a very similar appearance. I wish they could shape it up a bit by changing the look and layout by using different textures in their themes. Though it’s hard to find anything bad to say about this company they are really providing a strong base of themes.


  • Brand name company behind it
  • Solid selection of themes
  • Great support


  • Very similar looking themes
  • Doesn’t include the genesis framework in all themes unless you pay more.
  • No business in a box themes

Theme Support

Studiopress have attempted to avoid any direct support but I can vouch that the support they do provide is good. Documentation for their themes is readily available on their website.

If you entered a problem with your purchase you can get a refund up to 30 days which is very uncommon for digital products as they can’t get their theme back. So I would assume they  have some type of licence in place so that if you do buy a theme from them and refund they could switch off the theme and prevent you from using it. Or they will closely monitor the site you said you was going to place it on.

Areas you can find support for themes you have purchased are;

  1. Forum
  2. No Email support
  3. Twitter:
  4. Brian Clark
  5. Brian Gardner
  6. Address for Studiopress

    No mailing address given.
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