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Most theme based companies will offer either the choice to purchase a theme for around $30 through to $79 or higher for a membership. What set’s Mojo themes apart from other companies are they offer a range of themes that start as low as $5.

History was created by two founders. JR Farr and Brady Nord created mojothemes under their company name Mojoness Inc. which is a company that is based out of Utah, USA. They have a team of designers that work together to develop themes which cater to anyone’s budget. Most theme based companies will offer either the choice to purchase a theme for around $30 through to $79 or higher for a membership. What set’s Mojo themes apart from other companies are they offer a range of themes that start as low as $5 and go all the way up to $100.

Their approach to business is very similar to another company online called Envato. Who also offer a marketplace approach where designers can sell their work and reap a portion of the funds that come from sales.

How the Marketplace Works 

The marketplace caters to Buyers and Sellers.


Buyers create an account and then they have two options of purchasing themes; Buy now or deposit money.

  • Buy Now – In this scenario they can simply just select a theme and purchase it at using Paypal or a major credit card at the full price.
  • Deposit Money – In this scenario if a buyer deposits money into their account before they make a purchase they will get a discount of around $2

So why would they want you to deposit money instead of just paying for it directly? Well pretty straight forward. If you select the option to deposit funds then you only can deposit a set amount of money. $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, $75 or $100

So if the theme costs $35 you actually are going to have to give them $40 and then after you have purchased the theme $5 will remain in your account. It’s a simple way of keeping you as a client as now you know you have money invested and stored with them.

Personally I think unless you are planning to buy from them on a regular basis then the option to pay outright is better than depositing funds.

Any purchases made are immediately placed in your download section of your account. Your buyer account lets you see all of your transactions


For sellers looking to make some money from their designs, they will be pleased to know that Mojo-themes is free to join. Now for each time a sale happens you make between 50% to 80%. So initially when you start selling through mojo themes you will only get 50% but the more designs you sell that percentage will increase. If you decide to sell your work anywhere else then you only get 25% this way mojo themes corners the market for that design.

Here is how it breaks down for sellers

  • 50% – 0 to 500 sales
  • 55% – 501 to 2,000 sales
  • 60% – 2,001 to 5,000 sales
  • 65% – 5,0001 to 7,500 sales
  • 70% – 7,501 to 10,000 sales
  • 75% – 10,001 to 15,000 sales
  • 80% – 15,000 + sales

Once your account is created inside you will find buttons which allow you to upload your work. You have to fill out the items name, a little bit about the item, select the theme type and style and then you will be required to upload a theme preview image, thumbnail, screenshot, and then your theme. They will only accept up to 170mb in size.

You must state what browsers it is compatible with, whether it is widget ready, how many columns, what version of WordPress it supports and if it is a fluid or fixed theme.

Mojo-themes don’t focus on just one type theme they have done a good job of offering themes for all the various types that people are using today such as;

  • WordPress
  • Magneto
  • Tumblr
  • Joomla
  • PSD

WordPress Themes are offered in various theme styles such as blog, magazine, business, portfolio, photography, cms, cv/resume, landing page, mobile and video. Without a doubt this is the strong area on mojo-themes website as they four pages of themes with up to 32 themes per page.

Magneto Themes are strictly for ecommerce and use with the Magneto shopping cart which has become extremely popular for selling online.

Tumblr Themes are available for blog, portfolio, photography and a cv style.

Joomla Themes or I should say theme as they only have one right now is for business, blog and marketing but overall it can be used for any type.

HTML/CSS allows anyone who enjoys hardcoding their websites without the use of a content management system. These themes rely heavily on CSS and use a small amount of HTML. They are available for blog, magazine, business, ecommerce, photography, portfolio, cv/resume and a landing page theme styles.

PSD themes are templates that have been made in the software Photoshop and are good for anyone likes to code their own html and css. They offer themes in blog, magazine, business, ecommerce, portfolio, photography, cv/resume and mobile styles.

Quality of Themes

Due to it being a marketplace where themes are as low as $5, it really is a mixed bag as to what you’re going to find. Very similar to Theme Forest which I have used. You can wade through 20 themes before you find one good theme but then again I’m very picky about the quality and type of themes that I buy. A theme might look good initially but the only way to determine if it’s any good is to buy it and try it out. The upside to using a marketplace to search for a theme is you can view the comments from other users who have bought the theme. They will usually tell you if there are any issues with it. Always remember that despite designer’s best efforts when they are developing low budget themes they are not going to put as much effort into them like they would a $100 theme. You get what you pay for, simple as that.


  • Option to pay for a single theme
  • Lots of well-priced themes
  • View comments before buying


  • Potential of buying a bad theme
  • You have to sign up before you can purchase
  • No phone support

Theme Support

With so many companies hiding their contact information it’s always helpful to have their contact details. Mojo themes offer a variety of ways you can get in contact with them but the majority is via email or twitter. So If you’re looking to get in contact with Mojo-themes then you have a few options

General Contact email:

Instant contact via twitter: @mojo_themes, @bradynord or @jrfarr

Support email:

Mailing address

Mojoness Inc.
9890 South 300 West Suite 101
Sandy, UT 84070
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