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Simple Portfolio theme

May 11, 2011 · by admin · No comments

Simple Portfolio is super simple, fast loading and direct. No flashy stuff going on here and just a great way to get people to focus on your work vs. a theme. I find a lot of people love minimalistic themes so this one should appeal to a great number of designers and photographers.

MashLife magazine theme – by Qlogix

May 10, 2011 · by admin · 8 comments

Mashlife is a premium Wordpress theme inspired by Mashable and offers almost all features seen in Mashable site. You can now run a website that not only looks professional but also offers lot of flexibility to customize it from the theme control panel.

Swift Magazine theme – by SwiftThemes

May 9, 2011 · by admin · No comments

Swift Premium is a theme for someone needing a simple looking news theme or a magazine look for their site. Starting from the default theme settings it’s easy to customize Swift Premium to your needs with the Swift Control Panel that offers a vast variety of design options that include typography personalization and custom big image uploader.

NewStock Magazine Theme – by Mojo Themes

May 5, 2011 · by admin · 4 comments

Newstock from Mojo Themes really stands out. The use of gradient colors through the site, fading in the white into grey as well as the colourful bars on the slider makes it an eye grabber. Overall it’s a regular looking blog, which has been jazzed up through the use of fonts, gradients and text. This could easily be used anyone wanting to run a news site or magazine.

Simplicity theme – by WooThemes

May 4, 2011 · by admin · 3 comments

Originally made for business users Simplicity should appeal to most as it is visually appealing with a nice layout with lots of areas to display your content. A lot of thought has been put into this theme, along with all the features it provides. Without a doubt small business owners as well as large companies should be able to use this very easily.

Chapters theme – by WooThemes

May 2, 2011 · by admin · One comment

This theme just screams uniqueness! Originally it was created by a top class designer called Tim Van Damme who was looking for a unique theme that would allow him to promote his book Rockstar business. While created as a personal blog theme, it should appeal to authors and writers who want that book style blog appearance.

MagFolio theme – by Templatic

May 1, 2011 · by admin · No comments

Magfolio theme from Templatic was designed to be a portfolio theme and at a first glance I’m not sure it’s really achieved that. Most portfolio themes make the images are the most prominent, where this theme still looks like a regular blog. It should appeal to designers who want a less than normal looking portfolio appearing blog.

Elefolio theme – by WooThemes

April 23, 2011 · by admin · No comments

Elefolio theme definitely has a unique appearance. Yet I’m not sure I’m entirely sold on this theme as it appears to be very washed out, and little effort has gone into the types of font used to make this theme stand out.

Crystal Child Theme by Studiopress

April 22, 2011 · by admin · No comments

The Crystal child theme designed by Brian Gardner has a really nice fresh feel to it, very minimalistic and a subtle use of underlying design elements that can only be noticed when you look carefully. I have always been fond of Studiopress themes and always seen them as a the leader in the areas of solidly designed themes.

Freshfolio Portfolio theme – by ThemeFuse

April 19, 2011 · by admin · One comment

Very fresh, and true to its name Freshfolio theme from Themefuse is by far one of the most unique and non-blog looking themes I have seen. It looks very artsy and should appeal to college students, art majors and designers. This beautiful looking theme provides a great deal of versatility in presenting your photography, design, art or illustrations to the world with its dynamic slider that is full width and stands out.

CoPilot theme by Mike Mcalister at ThemeForest

April 11, 2011 · by LeTune · No comments

Developed for themeforest yet designed by Mike Mcalister Copilot theme is a really nice looking theme, original and unique in so many ways. Mike has done a great job of adding features and visual appeal. It was designed for the magazine market but I could see regular blogger using this.

Amped Child Theme – by Studiopress

April 11, 2011 · by LeTune · 26 comments

Amped theme is a great name for what is sure to grab the attention of music enthusiasts. You really get the sense that this is one hell of a theme, while not the most unique looking, that can all be changed through the customization that all Studiopress themes are built on called Genesis.

Modest theme by ElegantThemes

April 9, 2011 · by LeTune · 6 comments

I really love the look of this website, the use of colors or should I say minimal colors with some great fonts just makes it stand out above the crowd. It really doesn’t look like the average wordpress theme. I could see any number of people using this in business, portfolios and for a regular blog even though its geared towards business.

Exquisite Works Theme – by ThemeFuse

April 9, 2011 · by LeTune · One comment

What I did like about this theme was the portfolio section has vertical listing that when clicked individually takes you to that item and you then have the choice of two different ways of viewing the photo. i.e You can view it by seeing a short screenshot or a full live preview

Portfolio Theme – by OrganicThemes

March 31, 2011 · by LeTune · No comments

Aimed at the Portfolio market, the Organic theme from Organicthemes has a really nice clean, fresh feel to it when you first see it. I must say I do like this theme; it’s very minimalistic and original. I would say this theme would suit nicely anyone who was an illustrator or graphic designer.

Envision theme – by ThemeFuse

March 28, 2011 · by LeTune · 2 comments

Catering to the Portfolio market, the Envision theme from Themefuse is very similar in style to other themes I have come across yet. My general feeling is that this theme would work great for designers, photographers and companies that market software.

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