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Blue Colar – An Elegant Business WordPress Theme

February 22, 2011 · by LeTune · No comments

For the initiated the theme will seem quite self-explanatory but if your experience with WordPress is yet limited please take a few minutes to read this theme documentation. Essentially the editable theme features are available for configuration in the Theme Options Page, located under Appearance in the left menu column in the admin. There you can change the logo, add Analystics code, and configure the homepage proper good. Now, if you want to change the themes core style and functional elements you’ll have to do some code digging yourself. Head on over to the Theme Editor under Appearance and make sure you backup the theme files before you start tampering with the code.

Step 1: Set up the Home page and the blog page

Once you’ve installed the theme the homepage will look kind of messy. Start by creating a page (not a post) that will represent the homepage. You can call the page Home or whatever title you want the menu link to have. Before you save the page choose the page template MyHome.

Then head on over to Settings»Reading in the admin and choose which page you want to show as home page and which page you want to show for blog posts.

Setting images for the Featured Slider

One of the few things you may have a hard time figuring out is how to add an image to the Featured Slider on the homepage. This is done using WordPress’ nifty custom fields function. Upload your image (recommended size 960×342, although as long as the image has the right width the image will autoscale the height), copy the image adress and in the post see below the text editor where it says “Custom Fields“. Create the new value “Thumbnail” and paste the image adress. Click “Add Custom Field” and you’re good to go.

Adding a featured image to the post

Don’t confuse this with the image in the Featured Slider on the homepage. The featured image in the post is essentially the thumbnail that will show with the post title and excerpt in the archives and category pages. In accordance with the WordPress 3.0 added function, you simple click the “Use as Featured Image” when uploading the image. Note that the recommended size of the featured image is different from the images in the Featured Slider on the homepage, this image should be quadratic so it can be scaled down to smaller sizes. Make it 203×203!

Theme Options Page

At the theme options page you can control all of the themes major features, including:

  • The Featured Slider – decide the transition between images, it’s speed, whether to show the arrows and navigation buttons.
  • Homepage features – Choose which pages to display in the four text areas, write your own special message and add a link to the “Join” button. Select which category to show posts under Testimonials.
  • Add your own logo by inserting its image url
  • Add your Analytics code to keep track of site statistics

The Homepage

The theme comes with a elegant and dynamic homepage with a jQuery slider, a special message area, four text areas and areas to show posts from your blog and latest articles. All of these features you can control and edit from the theme’s option page.

Setting up the four text areas

The four text areas on the homepage are really excerpts of existing posts, so what you need to do first is create the four posts you want to display. Then you need to add their page ID’s the theme options page in Appearance»Blue Colar Theme Options under Service Page 1,2,3,4. To find out the posts ID number return to the list of posts and scroll over the title. The ID then shows in the bottom of the screen. Note that this does not work using the Safari web browser.

The Single Post

Besides a nifty thumbnail function that inserts the image of you’ve chosen as featured image, this business WordPress theme also shows related posts. This has been integrated directly into the theme, no plugins required.

Almost No Plugins Required

That’s right. To ensure that the Blue Colar theme stays functional and independent from external plugins, we’ve built in all functions and features directly into the theme. The only plugin needed is wp-pagenavi and we’ve included it in the theme files. All you need to do it upload and activate it. All code and styling has been taken care of.

Widget Areas

Blue Colar comes with numerous widget areas which you can fill with whatever widgets you like from the Widgets menu. Not only is the sidebar widget ready, there are four areas in the footer which are all to your complete disposal. We’ve even made a special widget for the “Get in Touch” area where you can fill in your company’s contact information and social media sites.

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