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The Scoop is a free WordPress magazine styled theme by us at This 4-column template allows you to pick your own category from which to show posts in the two mid-columns. This and many other settings are available via a full-flexed theme options page.

Download theme (.zip)

Theme Options Page

From the theme options page you can set:

  • The logo
  • Google Analytics
  • Banner image
  • Social media buttons in the upper right corner
  • Categories for the two mid-columns – by selecting the category from which you want to show posts, the category will automatically be excluded from the other columns. This to prevent posts showing twice.
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  1. Hello,
    There’s a problem with the two mid-columns. Since the WordPress 3.1.1 update, my posts has no shown in these columns.. Can it be fixes ?

    • @David After approving your comment I went ahead and updated the live demo WordPress installation of The Scoop here:
      It works fine. There must be some other problem, maybe an uncompatible plugin. Have you deactivated all plugins and tried it?

    • I’m having a similar problem. Mine worked at first but after I changed the names of the two categories those two columns were using it stopped working.

      I did notice in the options the drop where you choose the categories were blank now but it still continues not to work after I made my selection.

  2. Hi, Yes I already deactivated all plugins … this morning it works well and after upgrade wordpress into 3.1.1 there are no posts.. Into the two columns, there are titles about categories but no posts … I tried to pick a page that I don’t touch, but the bug is not fix..

  3. I am getting a page not found on the live demo link

  4. I am having the same problem. For some reason, my #rightcol and aren’t showing any posts underneath. I have reset plugins as well.

    • Hi guys, sorry for not replying earlier. Please send your logins to my email and I’ll have a look at your problems. Remember that you need posts published in the categories you’ve selected for the two right columns.

      • Kristinas had now been fixed. I simply change WP_query with get_posts. Try that or let me know and i’ll fix it for you.

  5. Hi!

    Really love the scoop aesthetic. I’m super new at this… could someone tell me please how to make photos show up on the front page as they included with blog posts? I have the photos embedded into the posts, do I need to add photos some other way?

    I probably also have a million other questions so any tips or tricks with this theme would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • Hi Amy, for an image to show up on homepage you need to set it as featured image. When you upload an image there is a link beside the button “insert into post” saying “set as featured image”. Click it and update the post. Also, make sure the image is in the right dimensions.

      Thanks for using The Scoop theme/Sven

  6. I have the same problem with mid-columns. You’ve changed something,but i can’t uderstand where.

  7. This is an awesome WordPress magazine styled theme. Full-flexed theme options page seems to me amazing. Thanks to for the Scoop theme.

  8. Thanks for the awesome template! Can you please tell me how to limit the number of posts shown in the two smaller columns and/or have a “see older posts” for those two columns? Right now, it only shows a “see more” for the main column. Also, is it possible to adjust how long the excerpts are for the two smaller columns? When I try to do it in the PHP it just runs over outside the box. Thank you!

  9. Hi! Nice work with this template, it’s very useful!
    One question: i have the same problem with the mid columns (not showing posts if i change the names of the two categories). I read that you solved changing “WP_query” with “get_posts”: i found “WP_query” in sidebar.php and author.php and changed it but the bug still remains…how can i solve it?
    Thanks again!

  10. Ok, i think i solved it :D
    “Name” and “Abbreviation” of category must be identical, otherwise it don’t work.

  11. As above, the category and slug must be the same for those two coloumns to work.

    Is there any way to remove the two coloumns from the pages? The installer suggests they wont appear (other than on the index page) but they show on all pages just now.

    Also, I cant get images to display in the two columns when they are on the homepage – despite thumbnails being properly displayed in the post!

    Appreciate any help!


  12. Ok, further to above it’s down to hotlinking…my bad.

    Images uploaded display fine, just not when hotlinked.

    Still, back to removing the coloumns from post pages and makign the width of the main text wider – is this possible?


  13. Hi, really great theme!

    Just wondering how to change the margins to black like they are in the picture?

  14. I am having trouble getting my images to pull up on the main page. I recently switched to this theme from another, how can I get the images to show up with each post on the main page to look like the demo? Thanks in advance.

  15. hi!! the photo slider in the home doesn’t work!

  16. Tnx for this great template. Can you just please tell me if it’s possible to make it so that thumbnails on homepage pull links from post too and not just images and plain text?

  17. Love your theme.

    I have an issue with comments: they don’t publish unless it’s written by someone logged in and the only one that logs in is myself…

    What do you think ?

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